Pregnancy Announcement Photos: Two More Paws

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It’s always a joyous time when a baby is on it’s way!  I was pleased to be asked to do a photo shoot for some outstanding pregnancy announcement photos for one of my oldest friends, Lorenza.  She already had an idea of what she wanted, and definitely wanted to include their dog Mia.  Friends or not, I treated this as a client photo shoot like any other!Pregnancy Announcement Photos

The shoot was done in their home and Lorenza provided all the props (the little monster booties).  She wanted a shoot that would not reveal the baby’s sex – she has other reveal plans later!  It was mid-afternoon, so I used reflectors and natural light to fill their living room.  Her partner Luis changed into his favorite kicks, Mia was corralled into the room, and the shoot was on!

Can you believe this only took a dozen shots?  Unlike the last shoot, Mia was very cooperative with me and only took a little bit of work to get sitting and looking at the camera.  While there and waiting for Lorenza and Luis to be ready, I sat in the living room and took a few shots of Mia – I may have missed my calling as a pet photographer!

A little brainstorming on wording and some Photoshop work later, you see the photo Lorenza shared on Facebook to make her announcement public!  Cute right?  I really enjoyed doing these pregnancy announcement photos, and hope to do more for a wider spectrum of clients!  I can’t wait for those maternity shots and baby shoots coming next year!

Enjoy some of these shots of Mia, too!

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