Mary Flores’ 90th Birthday Party

Posted on Oct 22, 2015 in Photography | 0 comments

Mary Flores 90th BirthdayRecently, I photographed a celebration for a 90th birthday!  A BBQ was held in Alvarado Park in Wildcat Canyon Regional Park for Mary Flores, a great-great grandmother celebrating 90 years.  Not only were candid shots of the event taken, but also a series of group shots of the kids, grand kids, great grand kids, and sole great-great granddaughter!

I’ve known Mary’s granddaughter Lorenza since we were in 6th grade.  I was honored that, when she and her mother sat down to plan this celebration of her grandma’s life, their first thought of who to ask to photograph the party was me.  I did not take the task lightly and rented a lens for the occasion to take the best photographs possible to document this momentous occasion.

Mary Flores' GrandkidsLuckily, the setting of the park and the early-dusk lighting lent themselves well to the portraits they wanted that I wasn’t notified ahead of time about!  Considering I did not have all the equipment that a portrait photographer would have on hand, I’d say they came out pretty well!  Not only did the stars align, but I potentially lined up a portrait session based on these shots.  Time to get that extra equipment!

Please enjoy the gallery of shots delivered to the client.  Prints can be ordered from Shutterfly.

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