KQED uses Willow Creek Bigfoot Museum Photo

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Willow Creek Bigfoot MuseumI feel like I’ve made the big time!  KQED is our the public media channel for Northern California, in which I live.  It lends some credibility to things considering it’s not known for fictional or even sensational television, but educational and really newsworthy things.  So for KQED.org to use my photo of the outside of the Willow Creek Bigfoot Museum in their article about the town’s Bigfoot Days celebration means a lot to me.

I went to college at Humboldt State University, but not having a car severely limited my exploration of the area.  It hasn’t been until recently with my beer-appreciating husband that I’ve been able to go back and photograph the area and explore a bit further, like Willow Creek.  Unfortunately when we went, the museum was closed, so this photo of the outside is as close as I got.  I’m sure soon we’ll return and actually go IN the museum!

I generally tend to believe in some out-there things, but cryptozoology is a little far-fetched for me.  This quote made me chuckle:

With almost 10,000 miles of wildlife spanning the entire Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest surrounding Willow Creek, finding Bigfoot is not a walk in the park.

You can read the whole article here on KQED.org: Small Town, Big Legend: Willow Creek Celebrates Bigfoot

You can see all of the photos I’ve taken over the years in the area I went to college at in my Humboldt County album on Flickr

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