F’Reals This Time: Girl Scout Guide has Content!

Posted on Mar 11, 2009 in Updates | 0 comments

I announced the launch of GirlScoutGuide.com a bit prematurely at the beginning of February. I didn’t really have a lot of content up, but now there’s some good stuff there, including a bit of a heartfelt thanks from me to my former Girl Scout leaders on this, the organization’s 97th birthday.

Girl Scout Guide LogoI’m working on adding more content in terms of songs, badgework suggestions and tips, arts & crafts, etc. Right now since Cookie season is in full swing, it’s mostly some cookie information and some news stories and my take.

I’m looking for someone with some Illustrator or pen & paper artistic talents to help me with some icons for the site, perhaps with a better logo but I can’t afford that just yet. I want to have category icons to put in each entry, so one for Songs, one for Crafts, one for News, etc. all in the same style. I could go through a stock photo site and find some graphics, but I’d really rather have something custom. Though I can’t pay much, and it irritates me that I even have to “outsource” this kind of work since I don’t have Illustrator myself.

So, any suggestions? I’m all ears 😀

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