Thanks to some great inspiration from my friend & colleague Karen Garcia, last Friday night I sat down to a marathon of Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil on Netflix to craft.  She’d shown me at the last conference I saw her at a unique badge clips  she’d made, which I wanted to try my hand at.

If you’ve ever been to any kind of convention, trade show, or expo, you’ve probably been given a name badge in a big plastic holder with a big fabric lanyard strap adored with some sponsoring company logo.  Something like in this picture of me & my Affiliate Marketing Fanatics co-host Mike Buechele.

Karen 205The big plastic part is unavoidable, but the lanyard is optional… as long as you have some kind of method of holding the badge, you’re fine.  So Karen, creative dynamo that she is, came up with a great idea – essentially she made a necklace and attached it to a badge clip of some kind.  Ladies can appreciate the genius of this – clip your badge to it during the day at the conference and then when you’re ready to hit the town for some after-hours networking, just put the name tag portion into your purse and spin the clasp portion back behind your neck and voila!

So on Friday night, after a trip to Walmart, I endeavored to make my own.  I’d picked up some beads that I thought best matched my company’s branded colors and a nice shirt I have and often wear, and sat down to make it.  It was easier than I thought, so Saturday I made a few more to match other nice shirts I often wear to conferences.

So, here’s the products of my labor… and I think I may eventually make some more and offer them on my Etsy store.  Click on the images to see the larger versions.  In the meantime, if you have some colors in mind, I will take requests and will adjust pricing based on materials costs, so contact me if you’re interested!

PinkBadgeClip GreenBadgeClip

BlueBadgeClip-01 PurpleBadgeClip